Our Locomotives
The Trammer BEV
In 1941, the Commonwealth Dept. of Supply ordered four Type 217 Trammer locomotives from the British Electric Vehicles (BEV) division of Wingrove & Rogers Ltd. Liverpool, UK. They were for use at the Smithfield munitions depot, north of Adelaide.

The locomotives were were fitted with special wheels to reduce the risk of sparks and are powered by 24 x 2 volt batteries.

In April 1942, they were shipped to Adelaide and set to work on the 45Km network of two foot gauge track at Smithfield. Their towing capacity is 10 tons at 5 mph and they transported explosives around the magazine compound until closure in 1998.

When Smithfield closed, the railway assets were sold off and the Museum purchased one BEV locomotive, four munitions wagons, a kilometre of track, twenty points and a battery charger.

Of the other BEV locomotives, one is running in private ownership near Noosa and one is static at the Alexandra Timber Tramway in Victoria.

The coupling rods were removed from all four locomotives soon after delivery for reasons unknown. In 2021, the Museum decided to follow the example of the the Noosa Locomotive and refit new coupling rods to make the appearance more interesting when running. The Milang BEV is now used every Sunday to operate visitor train rides.

The photos below were taken at Smithfield in 1998.