Our Locomotives
The Malcolm Moore Jetty Tractor
The Fordson tractor was manufactured at Dagenham, Essex, UK in 1940 and was exported to Australia. It has two fuel tanks, starting on petrol and then running on kerosine.

In 1942 it was converted into a rail tractor by the Malcolm Moore Company, Melbourne using a chassis dated around 1923 and was sold to the Adelaide Cement Company who used it at their Klein Point quarry on the lower Yorke Peninsula.

In March 1954, it was sold to the South Australian Harbours Board for use at the Port Price jetty on the upper Yorke Peninsula.

When its working life ended, it was donated to the Port Dock Railway Museum on 18th Dec 1971.
Subsequently it was loaned by the National Railway Museum to the Port Milang Railway Museum 19th August 2014 for restoration and display.
The locomotive was restored to working order and the engine is run regularly to keep it in trim. However the transmission is unreliable so it remains a static display.

The photo below was taken at Port Price in 1956.