50th Anniversary of the Very Last Train
Monday 15th June 2020
The very last train, an ARHS tour, leaving Milang on Monday 15th June 1970
Depart Mt. Barker with the Rx pulling two coaches

Arrive Strathalbyn
Half hour break. SteamRanger will provide external tours of the Rx explaining how it all works.

Depart Strathalbyn

Arrive Sandergrove Junction.
Stop 5 mins for photos. Passengers are not to leave the train due to insurance regulations.

Arrive at Finniss and all passengers leave the train

Photo run past at Finnis. Train will back up and run through southbound.

Board coaches at Finniss and depart for Milang.

Arrive at Milang.
Home cooked lunch at the Bowling Club
SAR quiz over tea/coffee

Walk over the road to tour the Milang Railway Museum and Light Railway Centre
Conducted tour and SAR 351 and steam driving experiences
Ruston diesel demonstration run
Munitions train rides

Board the coaches

Arrive below Currency Creek viaduct for photo run past of train crossing northbound.

Re-board the coaches back to Finnis.

Photo run past at Finnis. Train will run through northbound and then back up for boarding.

Arrive Strathalbyn and disembark. Train will back up and re-enter the station for photos.

Depart Strathalbyn

Arrive Mt. Barker.
10:00 am

10:50 am

11:20 am

11:35 am

11:50 am

12:00 pm

12:15 pm

12:30 pm

  1:15 pm

  2:15 pm


  3:00 pm

  3:15 pm

  3:40 pm

  4:10 pm

  5:00 pm
New insurance regulations require that passengers can embark and disembark the train only at approved platforms ie. Mt. Barker, Strathalbyn and Finnis.

SteamRanger will ensure whistles and lots of chimney action at photo runpasts.

The tour is limited to one hundred passengers maximum.

The all inclusive fare is $100 per person including lunch.